Terminal Trove January Wrap Up

Curator on February 27, 2024


We’ve been busy for the past month curating at Terminal Trove, (thanks for all your submissions and keep them coming!) here’s a recap of what’s happened in January on Terminal Trove:

Terminal Tool of The Week

In the month of January we introduced Tool of The Week on Terminal Trove where each week we highlight and feature tools for the entire week on our website, newsletter and social media.

Below are a few of them we featured in January in case you missed it:

harlequin - The SQL IDE for your terminal


aider - AI pair programming in your terminal


gdu - Pretty fast disk usage analyzer


eget - Easily install prebuilt binaries from GitHub


trippy - A TUI network diagnostics tool



a visitor to Terminal Trove reading the first newsletter.

We’ve just sent our ninth newsletter showcasing more terminal tools submitted by our readers.

As a reminder, Terminal Trove Weekly is sent once a week on Tuesdays.

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What’s Next?

Other than curation we have been planning more changes and features to the Terminal Trove site, (nothing drastic!) there aren’t any timelines yet but we recommend you keep your eyes peeled on the website ;)

If you have any feedback, questions, tools you have on Terminal Trove, you can always contact us here!



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