Kubernetes Terminal Tools

Kubernetes (also known as k8s) was introduced by Google in 2014 and is an open source container orchestration tool. It commonly used in applications which have a microservices architecture.


Kubernetes allows developers, DevOps engineers and SREs to automate deployment, scaling and manage their applications in a cluster. Kubernetes can be extended with it's API to integrate with other developer tools or allow developers to create their own tools with Kubernetes.


Below are a list of terminal tools that work with Kubernetes.

  1. dive - A tool for exploring each layer in a docker image.
  1. k9s - Kubernetes CLI and TUI To Manage Your Clusters In Style!
  1. lazydocker - The lazier way to manage everything docker
  1. tproxy - A cli tool to proxy and analyze TCP connections.

Know any Kubernetes based terminal tools that would be good for this list?

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