SSH Terminal Tools

SSH (Secure Shell) is a cryptographic network protocol, first developed by Tatu Ylönen in 1995, for secure data communication, remote command-line login, and other secure network services over an unsecured network.


The main use cases of SSH include system administration, secure file transfer using SCP or SFTP, and tunneling or port forwarding. 


Below is a list of terminal tools that work with SSH.

  1. age - A simple, modern and secure file encryption tool.
  1. devzat - A tool to chat over SSH.
  1. goto - SSH manager for easy server access.
  1. restic - Fast, secure, efficient backup program.
  1. sshs - Terminal user interface for SSH
  1. termscp - A feature rich terminal file transfer tool.
  1. typioca - Cozy typing speed tester in terminal.

Know any SSH based terminal tools that would be good for this list?

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