JSON Terminal Tools

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), developed in the early 2000s by Douglas Crockford, is a widely-used, lightweight data-interchange format, appreciated for its human readability and machine parsability.


JSON is crucial for data manipulation, querying data, API interaction, and configuration, often used in combination with terminal tools like jq for processing JSON data.


Below is a list of terminal tools that work with JSON.

  1. dyff - diff tool for YAML files, and sometimes JSON.
  1. fx - command-line tool and terminal JSON viewer.
  1. jaq - A jq clone focused on correctness, speed, and simplicity
  1. jless - A command-line JSON viewer.
  1. jnv - Interactive JSON filter using jq.
  1. jq - Command-line JSON processor
  1. jqp - A TUI playground to experiment with jq.
  1. logshark - A CLI / TUI debugger for JSON logs.
  1. miller - an all in one swiss army knife for data processing.

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