Logging Terminal Tools

  1. gh-dash - GitHub Dashboard - An interactive GitHub Dashboard for your terminal
  1. gping - Ping, but with a graph.
  1. irssi - A well known cross-platform and famous IRC client
  1. k9s - Kubernetes CLI and TUI To Manage Your Clusters In Style!
  1. logshark - A CLI / TUI debugger for JSON logs.
  1. logss - A simple cli for logs splitting.
  1. planor - A TUI client for cloud services for aws, vultr, heroku, etc.
  1. tailspin - A log file highlighter
  1. termshark - A terminal UI (TUI) for tshark, inspired by Wireshark.
  1. tproxy - A cli tool to proxy and analyze TCP connections.
  1. ttyplot - A realtime terminal plotting utility with data input from stdin
  1. ugm - A TUI to view information about UNIX users and groups
  1. vtop - Wow such top. So stats. More better than regular top

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