Terminal Tools for Operating Systems

Operating Systems (OS) manage hardware and software resources, and terminals provide a text-based interface to interact with them.


Developers use terminal tools for efficient system management, scripting, and automation.


Below are a list of terminal tools that developers use for operating systems.

  1. blink - tiniest x86-64-linux emulator.
  1. bmon - Bandwidth monitor and rate estimator
  1. brows - A GitHub releases browser for the terminal
  1. calcurse - A calendar and scheduling application for the command line.
  1. duf - Disk Usage/Free Utility - a better 'df' alternative.
  1. fastfetch - Like neofetch, but much faster.
  1. flameshow - A flamegraph viewer in the terminal.
  1. gdb - The GNU Project Debugger
  1. gotop - A terminal-based graphical activity monitor written in Go.
  1. hexyl - A rust based command-line hex viewer
  1. htop - An interactive process viewer.
  1. hwatch - An alternative watch command.
  1. kmon - Linux Kernel Manager and Activity Monitor.
  1. lazygit - Simple terminal UI for git commands.
  1. mc - Midnight Commander, a feature-rich visual file manager for the terminal.
  1. micro - A modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor
  1. mtr - A network diagnostics tool
  1. ncdu - A ncurses based disk usage analyzer
  1. neofetch - A command-line system information tool.
  1. neoss - User-friendly and detailed socket statistics with a TUI.
  1. nvtop - NVIDIA GPUs htop like monitoring tool
  1. onefetch - A command-line Git information tool.
  1. orbiton - A terminal-based text editor and a minimalistic IDE.
  1. oxker - A simple TUI to view & control docker containers.
  1. pdu - Highly parallelized, blazing fast directory tree analyzer.
  1. portal - A quick and easy command-line file transfer utility.
  1. pumas - Power Usage Monitor for Apple Silicon.
  1. pvw - A terminal-based (TUI) port viewer in Go
  1. ranger - A vim-inspired file manager for the console.
  1. s-tui - terminal-based CPU stress and monitoring utility.
  1. tmux - An open-source terminal multiplexer.
  1. tproxy - A cli tool to proxy and analyze TCP connections.
  1. ttyplot - A realtime terminal plotting utility with data input from stdin.
  1. tz - A terminal based timezone helper
  1. vtop - Wow such top. So stats. More better than regular top
  1. wtf - The personal information dashboard for your terminal.
  1. xplr - A hackable, minimal, fast TUI file explorer

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