Filesystems Terminal Tools

  1. dust - A more intuitive version of du in rust
  1. exa - The original modern replacement for ls
  1. eza - A modern replacement for ls
  1. gdu - Pretty fast disk usage analyzer
  1. kondo - Cleans node_modules, target, build, and friends from your projects.
  1. lf - Terminal file manager
  1. mc - Midnight Commander, a feature-rich visual file manager for the terminal.
  1. pathos - A terminal interface for editing and managing PATH environment variables.
  1. rclone - rsync for cloud storage
  1. restic - Fast, secure, efficient backup program.
  1. sizeof - A command-line tool to calculate the size of data structures
  1. stree - A simple directory tree command for listing AWS S3 bucket
  1. superfile - Pretty fancy and modern file manager in terminal file manager.
  1. termscp - A feature rich terminal file transfer tool.
  1. tran - Securely transfer and send anything between computers with a TUI
  1. ugm - A TUI to view information about UNIX users and groups
  1. yazi - Blazing fast terminal file manager written in Rust, based on async I/O.

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