Other Terminal Tools

Below is a list of terminal tools which do not fit in any specific category and are tools that some may find interesting.

  1. bbcli - A TUI for accessing BBC News in the terminal
  1. broot - A new way to see and navigate directory trees.
  1. calcurse - A calendar and scheduling application for the command line.
  1. cotp - trusted, encrypted, TOTP/HOTP authenticator with import functionality.
  1. crates-tui - A TUI for exploring crates.io
  1. fastfetch - Like neofetch, but much faster.
  1. gallery-dl - Download image galleries and collections from image hosting sites.
  1. gomuks - A terminal based Matrix client written in Go.
  1. halp - A CLI tool to get help with CLI tools.
  1. jira-cli - Interact with Jira in the Terminal with Jira CLI.
  1. kupo - A terminal file manager / browser, kupo!
  1. mapscii - The whole world in your console.
  1. navi - An interactive cheatsheet tool for the command line.
  1. neofetch - A command-line system information tool.
  1. nnn - The missing terminal file manager for X
  1. notox - No toxic names anymore.
  1. pastel - Generate, analyze, convert and manipulate colors.
  1. pysentation - TUI for displaying Python presentations
  1. ranger - A VIM-inspired filemanager for the console
  1. servitor - A fediverse client with a terminal interface
  1. slides - A terminal based presentation tool
  1. tealdeer - A very fast implementation of tldr in Rust.
  1. termdbms - A terminal UI for editing database files
  1. tokei - Count your code, quickly.
  1. tz - A terminal based timezone helper
  1. viddy - A modern watch command, time machine and pager.
  1. weechat - The extensible chat client
  1. youplot - A command line tool that draw plots on the terminal.

Know any Other based terminal tools that would be good for this list?

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